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Compact perfection

In 2009, original Rio brought impeccable musicality to small and medium rooms. Advances in casting Q-Stone™ for our other enclosures had greatly reduced the labor, and when applied to Rio, made it more affordable and kept it very compact. In 2010, one of England's most experienced reviewers gave Rio his Five-Star Editor's Choice Award!

             "This exceptional performer is way ahead of its peers
in delivering a vivid and engrossing musical experience,
so value for money is, therefore, unquestionably very high...

"State-of-the-art:  The Rio might seem rather costly for
a compact standmount [US$2500], but the bottom line
must always be to question whether a component actually
delivers sound quality commensurate with its price.
In this case, there's absolutely no doubting the
exceptional overall sound of the little Rio."

- Paul Messenger, HiFi Choice magazine

We later found that Paul had a bit of trouble with Rio's bass in his long and narrow room. Still, we enjoyed knowing his thoughts on what he'd experienced. Thank you, Paul!


A Bit of History-
Progress unexpectedly lurched on. In early 2011, Rio II arrived. Its musicality and clarity had been enormously improved by a true breakthrough in time-coherent design, as explained in the Design Concept link above.

It employed the new XTC™ crossover technology, which stands for eXtended-bandwidth Time Coherence™.  Now standard in all models, this new circuit came about from solving the most challenging time-domain mathematics, equations no one else had ever mastered.

 Rio II sounded so good we immediately offered an upgraded-crossover-parts version called Chroma, for even more clarity and musicality. It was a large difference to be sure.

Then Rio III and Chroma II came about in 2014, from refinements to the XTC™crossover circuit as explained in the Design Concepts link above.

In late 2015, we negotiated a better price on larger purchases of the unique Marigo Audio Litz wire we'd been using in our top models. We were very pleased to employ this special wire in the new versions called Rio-X and Chroma HX! Their XTC™ crossover circuits also receive 100 hours of high-power music burn-in before installation, which improves clarity and dynamic contrasts, and gives a blacker background to the music, more so than years of normal play can achieve. A special-order version was available for a short while— Chromatose™ with its XTC™ crossovers and Marigo Litz wires conditioned by Audio Magic via their nanoStream™ process of injecting them with complex GigaHertz tonebursts at MegaVoltages. This has been replaced with the more-effective 100 hour burn-in.

Choose your level of exceptional performance— Rio-X or Chroma HX. For Owners of original Rio, we recommend our Chroma HX upgrade kit as the most cost-effective upgrade. Contact us for details!


Features of Rio-X and Chroma HX


  • The finest sounding and lowest distortion woofer/mid on the planet with a highly advanced soft-dome tweeter handmade in Norway.
  • Solid Q-Stone™ cabinet created for the best possible sound from placement in tight-quarters. Read 'Design Notes' at link above.
  • High-contrast dynamic range reveals the layers inside the most involving performances, whether played loudly or very softly.

  • Large, front-mounted bass port delivers hard-hitting bass from its Optimal-Point™ location both on the interior and exterior of the cabinet, meaning it picks up the bass pressures from the woofer inside at the best location, and then pushes that pressure into the room from a location on the front face that creates no interference from the woofer's own front-pressure, or from nearby room surfaces. Did we say it's a large port? It's very large for a woofer this size, for more impact.

  • Balanced-Phase™ first-order crossover with new XTC™ crossover technology brings the clearest, most musically captivating sound possible, with a very easy load for your amp and high efficiency on music.

  • Includes our Happy Ears for Life™ warranty.


What Owners say...

"Makes you dance! I've not felt this way since I was a teen. Thank you!"

"A real breakthrough, and it's so cute!"

"Definitely a Green Mountain speaker! No excuses on any note, at any loudness."

"Great bass! Who'd have thought from such a small package?"

"Boogies hard! Thoroughly impressive. Sounds far larger than it really is!"

"Amazing! Wonderfully clear, totally relaxing."

"I am a mastering Engineer in San Francisco and have been searching for a pair of speakers I can live with for the past 3+ years.... [these are] the TIGHTEST and most ACCURATE pair of two-ways I've heard, by far. FYI, I've auditioned everything the pro-audio market has to offer:  ATC, Barefoot, Proac, Adam, K&H, PMC, JBL, Genelec, Meyer, etc.... and none are as clean or natural sounding as the Rio. I feel like for the first time I'm really hearing what my eq's, compressors, limiters, codecs and different dithering algorithms are doing to my audio... I think they are one of the best values I've encountered! Except now I have the Chroma HX and it's a whole new ball game"  More >


What a Top Reviewer/Editor said about original Rio...

"Five Stars!" "Best Buy!" HiFi Choice Magazine

"...this discreet little standmount turned out to be one of the most exciting speakers to come my way in years... musically very communicative with vivid dynamic expression... there's absolutely no doubting the exceptional overall sound of the little Rio's... the midband expression and coherence truly approaches the state-of-the-art... [This] exceptional performer is way ahead of its peers in delivering a vivid and engrossing musical experience, so value for money is, therefore, unquestionably very high...

Best of all is its exceptional speed and minimal time-smear, which brings a brilliant immediacy and tight, solid focus to the reproduction of instruments and voices, creating vivid dynamic expression and an unusual degree of realism.

It's all very realistic, as is that most difficult of tests – single speaker mono.

Loudspeakers as phase-accurate as these are very rare, but some listeners (not all!) will find them quite irresistible...

Vivid excitement... Once set up, the impressive strengths of these compact speakers quickly becomes obvious." More >

-Paul Messenger, HiFi Choice magazine, April, 2010

GMA replies-

Read Paul's review in full here. In its comments-section at the bottom, you can read our designer's thoughts on what Paul heard and why. Thank you, Paul!



Pricing and availability

Rio-X and Chroma HX loudspeakers are precision-crafted by hand. All models' circuits and wires receive a 100-hour high-power music burn-in.

Rio-X and Chroma HX prices vary around the world due to currency fluctuations, shipping costs, taxes, customs, and duties. Currently in the USA, they are $2795 and $3395/pair respectively. Contact us or your local GMA Authorized Retailer or Agent for assistance.