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Owners say-

"I'm a mastering Engineer in San Francisco and have been searching for a pair of speakers I can live with for the past 3+ years. I'm very familiar with the Adam 2.5a and s3a and neither can hold a candle to the Rio. I just finished breaking-in my pair [of Rios] and have been working on my first mastering projects since taking ownership.

"They are the TIGHTEST and most ACCURATE pair of two-ways I've heard, by far. FYI, I've auditioned everything the pro-audio market has to offer:  ATC, Barefoot, Proac, Adam, K&H, PMC, JBL, Genelec, Meyer, etc.... and none are as clean or natural sounding as the Rio.

"I feel like for the first time I'm really hearing what my eq's, compressors, limiters, codecs and different dithering algorithms are doing to my audio. I'm making eq and compression decisions much more quickly and not second-guessing them. In other words, my quality of work has increased and the length of time it usually takes me has decreased significantly. More free time. I think they are one of the best values I've encountered!
"  -KB, San Francisco

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A Reviewer says

Five Stars! Best Buy! HiFi Choice, April 2010

"...this discreet little standmount turned out to be one of the most exciting speakers to come my way in years. It might look small and unassuming, but clever design gives it a marvellous freedom from time-smear, which makes it musically very communicative with vivid dynamic expression.

"State-of-the-art  The Rio might seem rather costly for a compact standmount, but the bottom line must always be to question whether a component actually delivers sound quality commensurate with its price. In this case there's absolutely no doubting the exceptional overall sound of the little Rio's.

"Naturally the small size will limit the bass weight and warmth to a significant degree, but over the rest of the audio band it delivers splendid sound-quality. The top-end might, perhaps, have been a little sweeter, but the midband expression and coherence truly approaches the state-of-the-art.

"This exceptional performer is way ahead of its peers in delivering a vivid and engrossing musical experience, so value for money is, therefore, unquestionably very high...

"... some upper midband forwardness that some listeners (depending on the source) might find a little uncomfortable, but which I found easy enough to get used to. In every other respect this loudspeaker is rather wonderful. [see GMA's response to this same perception of forwardness on the recent review done for Eos- scroll down. It is not a fault in Rio, but a consequence of its time-coherence.]

"Best of all is its exceptional speed and minimal time-smear, which brings a brilliant immediacy and tight, solid focus to the reproduction of instruments and voices, creating vivid dynamic expression and an unusual degree of realism. It's all very realistic, as is that most difficult of tests – single speaker mono.

"This freedom from timesmear in loudspeakers is very important, because it does much to break down the barrier between 'real' and 'reproduced'. The closer you get to 'real', the less hard the brain has to work to interpret what the ears hear and the more relaxing the listening experience becomes.

"The advanced enclosure seems very effective, both in banishing any box coloration and in providing a measure of control over dispersion. The latter probably contributes to the relative consistency of the Rio's sound, irrespective of positioning, as well as its fine stereo focus and general image consistency.

"Loudspeakers as phase-accurate as these are very rare, but some listeners (not all!) will find them quite irresistible.

"Vivid excitement... Once set up, the impressive strengths of these
compact speakers quickly becomes obvious."
                              -Paul Messenger, HiFi Choice magazine

GMA replies-

Read Paul's review in full here. In its comments-section at the bottom, you can read our designer's thoughts on what Paul heard and why. Thank you, Paul!