Pico Executive HD

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Pico Executive HD

Big time-coherent sound
in a miniature 3-way package


Regretfully, Pico Executive is no longer available, from inflation of all costs, after 10 years of service.

However, we are very happy to announce a superb upgrade to all Owners of Executive, which we call Pico Max. It takes full advantage of recent breakthroughs in our time-coherent technology, ones which directly extend your enjoyment of and involvement with music at the deepest emotional and physical levels. The low bass response has also been extended and the efficiency raised as well. We will post complete information and photos soon. If you need to know more right now, please contact us!

Original Pico Executive HD information:
Does size matter? Not here! Dramatic, dynamic, quite capable of shaking a room -- that is the Pico Executive HD. Its extraordinary performance will compel you to listen and to dance.

Our exclusive CopperMatrix™ wiring from Marigo Labs and Balanced-Phase™ crossover circuit refinements will make you think twice about size!


Pricing and availability

The Pico Executive is precision-crafted by hand, including your choice of side panels, selections you can discuss with our designer include leather, cloth, and even ceramic. Below are images of one in a padded red suede and another in our standard black glove leather, also padded. The side panels may be changed at a future date, using no tools.

Pico Executive's price varies around the world due to currency fluctuations, shipping costs, taxes, customs, and duties. In the USA, Pico Executives currently sell for $8995/pair in black leather. Other side panel coverings are quoted upon request. Contact us or your local GMA Authorized Retailer or Agent for assistance. This speaker will both amaze and surprise you at every turn. Including how very, very small these are!