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Enrich the foundations of your music

Hammer Lite is being repalced with Hammer Lite Ver. 2. New photos will be published later this year! The original woofer is no longer available, after more than twenty years of servuce. The new version can create even higher sound pressure levels while going just a bit lower. New specs will be posted.

Original text, which will remain essentially the same:
Hammer Lite is the first subwoofer designed to perform as well at very soft volumes as it does at tremendously loud ones. It not only makes any home theater come alive, but what it does for the subtleties of music must be experienced!

A passive design, Hammer Lite is ready for an amplifier of your choosing, and will work at most every crossover frequency you choose, using an outboard crossover, or the one built in to your home-theater control center. We can advise on the correct settings. Of course, we suggest two Hammer Lites for music, but even one makes an extraordinary difference to your enjoyment with any system, even in a large home theater room.

An evolution of 20 years of high-performance subwoofer design, Hammer Lite's enclosure is a marvel of mechanical integrity. Why do we call it Lite? Because its unique woofer has the lightest cone ever used for a subwoofer -- half the moving mass of others -- yet has the rigidity to make the right kind of impression on your neighbors.

Even the most enthusiastic bass lovers will be impressed with Hammer Lite's efficiency. Other subwoofers would need a whopping 400 Watts to deliver what the efficient Hammer Lite delivers using 100 Watts. And be careful what you wish for -- given 200 Watts, our Hammer Lite will perform as if you gave it a massive 800 Watts. Lite, indeed!



Pricing and availability

Hammer Lites are precision-crafted by hand, and are not always in stock.

Hammer Lite's price varies around the world due to currency fluctuations, shipping costs, taxes, customs, and duties. In the USA, a single Hammer Lite currently sells for $2195. This will change for Hammer Lite Ver. 2.
Contact us or your local GMA Authorized Retailer or Agent for assistance.