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Specifications: State of the art in Bass Response

Hammer Lite Specifications are also available as a PDF file.


Performance details

Application(s). Non-amplified subwoofer for home theater and music.

Room size. Medium to large, 200 -1,000sf.

Power (amplifier’s 8 ohm rating). 100 to 300 Watts.

Response. In-room, typically +/- 2dB from below 38Hz to above 250Hz; -3dB frequencies at 32Hz and above 500Hz.

Distortion. <1% harmonic and IM 30Hz to 200Hz, at 95dB at 1m.

Phase shift. Depends on electronic crossover settings (not included).

Rise time. Depends on electronic crossover settings (not included).

Impedance. 8 Ohms.

Sensitivity. 90dB for 2.83V at 1m.

Pair matching. Upon request.



Physical details

Cabinet finish. Clad in black Texture-Kote™ for the look and feel of pin-grained leather.

Accessories in the box. Four adjustable-point cone feet.

Size. 22.5"H; 15"W; 20.25"D with grille, without cone feet.

Weight. 65lbs (30kg) each.


Technical specifications

Woofer diameter. 12" (30.5cm).

Woofer construction. Low-mass paper/carbon fiber rigid cone. Very low resonant frequency from highly-compliant ultra-linear suspension, butyl rubber surround. Large flat spider; 2" vented aluminum voice coil. Heavy gauge, rolled edge, epoxy-reinforced steel chassis. 50 oz. magnet; 18mm p-p linear excursion.

Woofer cabinet. Double-layer wooden cabinet includes premium 13-ply Baltic Birch front face. Twin internal Golden-Ratio Baffles™.

Woofer / Bass port. Vented 4th-order Butterworth with 4" diameter Aeroport, tuned at 32Hz.

Wiring. Double run of 14-gauge, heavily silver-plated and polished oxygen-free copper strands cryogenically treated, Teflon insulated; by Audio Magic.

Crossover. None.

Zobel circuit's capacitor. Premium quality.