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Perfect sound for perfectionists

Eos has been supplanted by Eos HX! Upgarde kits are available for all Owners.

Original Eos information:

Eos brings new meaning to all your music, from a compact, bookshelf package! Its time-coherent technology allows you to listen for hours on end, with no concern for a recording's quality -- all you hear and feel is the performance.

With its new Balanced-Phase™ crossover circuit and Bi-Port™ technology, the Eos will deliver any music at any loudness, with full bass response far greater than its small size should produce!




  • Compact design and adjustable tweeter allow many placement options to achieve the best sound in your listening environment.

  • Wide dynamic range means you can play even the most involving performances both loudly and softly.

  • Solid Q-Stone™ cabinet has been shaped for maximum sound dispersion, and for minimum reflection and dffraction.

  • New Bi-Port™ technology delivers hard-hitting bass response at any loudness.

  • Balanced-Phase™ first-order crossover allows the cleanest possible time-coherent sound.

  • Includes our Happy Ears for Life™ warranty.


What owners say

"...The Eos is flat, balanced, and fast!" More >

"I now know what you mean when you said that the Eos will sound more open than [my] Callistos... I could have listened to them for hours... " More >

What the world's most
experienced reviewer says

"I hate to use the awful old cliche 'snaps into focus' but that's exactly what happens to the Eos's sound when the tweeter position is optimised.

... unusual lack of the false lower-midrange bloom that we're habituated to hearing from conventional slab-faced box cabinets. Once it's removed, you wonder how you ever lived with such a colouration.

"... outstandingly open, clean sound. A significant part of the Eos's fine, spacious imaging unquestionably owes itself to [its] simple crossover.

"... a really quite special blend of insight, spaciousness and sheer persuasiveness...

"...Eos's ability to transport the singer to the listening room was simply uncanny... the sheer resolution of vocal nuance and inflection came as something of a shock. Kurt Elling's voice in particular I've never heard more realistically rendered... I kept repeating the track with a sense of wonderment.

"Outstanding spatial qualities...."

- Keith Howard, HiFi News Magazine, April 2010



Pricing and availability

Eos are precision-crafted by hand.

The price of Eos varies around the world due to currency fluctuations, shipping costs, taxes, customs, and duties. In the USA, Eos currently sell for $4200/pair. Contact us or your local GMA Authorized Retailer or Agent for assistance.