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Mesmerizing immediacy from a laboratory reference design

Compact speaker performance has never been this high! With our exclusive CopperMatrix™ wire, new Bi-Port™ technology, refinements to our Balanced-Phase™ crossover circuit, and with our XTC™ crossover technology, Eos HX lets the performers walk right into your room. Eos HX upgrade kits for Eos and Eos HD are easily installed. Contact us for more details!




  • Compact design and adjustable tweeter position allow many placement options to achieve the best sound in your listening environment.

  • Wide dynamic range means you can play even the most involving performances both loudly and softly.

  • Solid Q-Stone™ cabinet has been shaped for maximum dispersion.

  • New Bi-Port™ technology delivers hard-hitting bass response at any loudness.

  • Balanced-Phase™ first-order crossover allows the cleanest possible time-coherent sound.

  • Exclusive CopperMatrix™ wiring provides an incredibly low noise floor for maximum dynamic contrasts.

  • Our evolutionary XTC™ crossover technology is explained in the Eos HX Design link above. It has raised the bar for what compact speakers can produce, in musicality, delicacy, drama. No one has ever heard a speaker this emotionally complex. Many HX Owners have called saying how their wife is in tears, their girlfriend is crying.

What owners say

"My wife and I agree without hesitation: If we had to choose one word to describe the Eos HDs, it would have to be 'pure'..." More >

"My upgraded EOS HX arrived and have been rocking most of the day. The speakers are phenomenal! The reality of slam of an electric bass and drums (rim shots, etc.) is startling - it reminds me of live concerts when the volume is up. The bass is visceral, tight, and highly satisfying.

I am reminded that, although I listen mostly to classical, I still enjoy really good jazz, pop, rock, folk, and country. To me music of any genre can be good or bad - if it is melodic, interesting, creative, emotionally involving, etc., I can enjoy it. If it is dull, repetitive, mindless, boring, etc. I can't listen to it, no matter if it is Telemann, Purcell, 50Cent, JZ, New Age, or the Red Hot Chili Peppers. My mixed blessing/curse is that I am one of those people who gets really into music - it draws me in and continues playing in my head long after I listen to it. If I liked it, that's a good thing  - the good feeling can last for hours or even days.  If I hate it but have to endure it being on, the bad tunes go around in my head later and I don't like my mental state then.

Anyway, on your speakers, good music hits me right in my sweet spot!!"


"The best part for me today was to experience music flowing from speakers without any effort and vocals appearing very transparent as if the singer was in the same room..." More >




"I am very happy with the every listening session I discover something new in the music from my old CD collection, even with CDs that I thought had bad mastering..." More >











"Seriously, I never thought I would consider selling my Brocksieper Arabeskes. They are very good speakers but already I don't enjoy listening to solo piano on them because the attack of the noted is slightly smeared compared to the Eos or even the Chromas. Tonally they are very close to your speakers, but as you said, because their side-firing woofers mess up the bass (they come in at about 60Hz) the EOS end up putting better bass into the room than the 12" woofers in the Arabeskes. I tried the EOS on the Wyetech Topaz 211A amp with beautiful results! Now there is a single ended tube amp with bass and power (50watts, actually). The modded Scott 299D may actually sound more neutral and true to the source, though, at less than 1/10 the price."




Pricing and availability

Eos HXs are precision-crafted, so are considered to be special orders.

Eos HX price varies around the world due to currency fluctuations, shipping costs, taxes, customs, and duties. Currently in the USA, Eos HX sells for $4495/pair. Contact us or your local GMA Authorized Retailer or Agent for assistance. Upgrade kits for Eos and Eos HD Owners are available.