Aperture HD Center Channel / Shelf-mount

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Never compromise performance for position

Regretfully, Aperture HD is no longer available, from inflation of all its costs, after nearly fifteen years of service!

Original text:
Aperture HD was designed specifically to perform where other center channels would be afraid to sit -- in tight places. Its stunning bass response means that subwoofers are not required.

Many use Aperture HD as the center speaker for their home theaters. With our new, exclusive CopperMatrix™ wire from Marigo Labs and Balanced-Phase™ crossover circuit refinements, Aperture HD will place you in the performance or movie like you have never imagined.

Take your home theater experiences to the next level! Tuck two or three into your entertainment center for uncompromising full-range excitement on any musical performance or soundtrack. With Aperture HD, you will never have to compromise again.



Pricing and availability

Aperture HDs are precision-crafted by hand.

Aperture HD's price varies around the world due to currency fluctuations, shipping costs, taxes, customs, and duties. Currently in the USA, a single Aperture HD sells for $2800. Contact us or your local GMA Authorized Retailer or Agent for assistance.